How does Recognition work within the Abundantly app?

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The two most common methods to arrive at the recognition tab are, from the home tab, click on the search bar in the - Who do you want to thank? – module; or select the recognition icon in the middle of the main menu at the bottom of the application.

After clicking on the recognition icon, you will be prompted to search for the individual or individuals that you would like to recognize.

By default, the – Who do you want to thank? – page will show you individuals that you have recently recognized. However, you can filter by:

  • Your team
  • Organization
  • Another team
  • All members of your company.

You can also search for an individual within your company by name.

After selecting an individual to recognize (you can add additional individuals if you wish by selecting the + button next to the recipient’s icon), you will be prompted to select how you want to recognize or thank them. The two options for recognition include an On-the-Spot Message, or a Nomination. Each of the recognition types has their own benefits and features.

Most commonly, On-the-Spot Messages are sent between colleagues without any points associated with the message. They are sent instantly and do not require approval to be set.


Nominations, on the other hand, are commonly associated with a badge, certificate, and point value. They often require manager approval or multiple levels of approval depending on the level of badge that the recipient is being nominated for.

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